December 2006 2am approx.


" I was riding in my fathers truck full of kids and adults on my way to mexico city in December, i couldn't tell you the exact location because i don't remember what state we were in but... no i'm not going to assume i'll just tell you what i remember. so i was sitting in the passenger seat while my sister was driving( i was supposed to keep her awake), it was in the middle of the night around 2:47 in the morning.So i was sitting there with my feet on the panel or what ever you call it. i was thinking of how dark it was and how remote it was with no lights and no car in sight i thought it was amazing how the darkness seemed like it was swallowing the light from out head lights , now that i'm remembering i think it was somewhere in at the entrance Queretaro because that same day in the  morning when the sun was up the breaks let up on the truck. so i was sitting there and i decided to enjoy  the view, we drove through a part in the hill that was carved out to make way for the highway. when i looked up you could see all of the stars clearly i was amazed at how well you could see them, suddenly there was a meteor shower it was awesome, and i remember wishing for every single one of them that i wanted a boyfriend( i was 15 at the time)i turned to tell my sister, but told her not to try to look cause it was dangerous to take your eyes off the road in that kind of darkness, thats when i looked at the time. then i turned back to admire them when all of a sudden one of the stars became brighter, i thought maybe it was just an airplane or something but then, either two or three more (i don't remember)appeared as well but stopped in a formation, then i knew it wasn't a plane, there was no noise what so ever, i pinched my self, and asked my sister what time it was again to make sure i hadn't fallen asleep. I kept looking up still believing it could just be aircraft from the military or something, because there was no civilization near us for miles. suddenly they started doing very rapid movement with one another, so fast i couldn't tell which was which, i t was then i knew that they weren't airplanes, at least not any that i knew that were capable of doing something like that so fast and close to each other. i wanted to tell my sister but i was afraid of her getting freaked out and the danger in the dark if our car stopped, and everybody woke up and stepped out(yes it lasted that long so that i could really think about what was going on). then they stopped in the same formation they were in at the beginning, they were there for some seconds, before the shot out into the sky, it wasn't across i could tell because i draw and the way these things left was not at any type of angle.they didn't seem to move at all even though we were moving they seemed to be in the same location. the road was completely straight.this is my story. "


Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing her experience with us.