"It was either 1954 or 1955. I was a teenager, walking to church with my best friend just after dark. We saw six glowing, pulsating objects in the sky just above and ahead of us. The objects were lined up in a row, stationary, no sound, just hanging in the sky like oval light bulbs, deadly silent. They were emitting an eerie pulsating glow that kept changing from reddish-orange to greenish to yellow. My friend and I had stopped dead in our tracks just watching these things, scared to death. I told my friend it seemed like they were watching us. We watched frozen in fear for several minutes when suddenly the objects took off disappearing over the horizon to the west in less than two seconds, not making any noise whatsoever. Their rate of speed was far in excess of any aircraft known at that time or even yet today. My friend and I were closer to home than church, so we turned and ran all the way home as we were terrified. I told my mother we had seen six glowing objects in the sky and described them to her. The next morning when she opened the small market where she worked and we brought in the newspapers, the headlines in the Arizona Republic were that UFO's had been sighted all over Arizona the night before. It was a frightening experience and one I hope not to have again. It still scares me over 50 years later."

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