South Hiendley, United Kingdom Dec. 24th 2008 8:30pm

UFO details report: 24th December 2008 at approx 8.30pm. Sighting of five red lights in a triangular formation over the village of South Hiendley (Kirkhamgate Lane). Moving slowly (red lights very visible, clear night. Stopped car, so was stationary to view this. Watched for approx five minutes returning home (two minutes away). Could still see the red lights for a further couple of minutes, then went in doors, to get children ready for bed. Returned to the window, red lights had disappeared. Please note: The red lights never flashed and stayed continuously red and bright.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report with us. Although we are a Canadian-based organisation we will pass along international reports to researchers in the country of origin if possible when asked by the witness to do so.