St Albert Alberta October 13, 2014 2am

ufo details report: I was out back of my house in St Albert, AB. When all of a sudden a large "ship" (only thing I can describe it as) flew over my house. It was low enough to blow the tops of our trees but no loud enough to be a plane and I did not see any wings on it. Keep in mind this was at 3am and very dark. I snapped a photo (i haven't lightened it yet to see what I got) so I am very interested to find out what it was.Again last night there was a light in the sky and it was closer looking than stars but looked like a star, it then got super bright then dimmed and flew away to settle in the distance. This time my husband saw it too. I dont know what is going on but in St Albert in the past week I have seen several strange things in the sky.

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