Robb UFO Report November 22nd 2013 1:14

UFO details report: On a previous evening while driving from Robb to Edson I noticed some strange things so on November 22 I went back to work up that same road determined to capture something if possible. When I did it didn't register with me what I was seeing. The sky was spectacular and the colour was like caramel. I pulled off and shot a few sky pictures and some landscapes with mountains in the telephoto lens. Then went to work ten minutes away. I got excited when I looked at the photos in the camera so left work early to return for a better look. I went to the look out area where I was earlier and took a dozen or so shots of the interesting cloud formations. One formation was quite interesting as it had distinct lines forming a disc! Not just a disc but a very complicated disc! I told myself that it couldn't be what I thought it might be, so it must be just clouds. But I'd check it out later on the computer screen I thought. I turned from that cloud to other portions of the sky and mountains. Two pictures show a certain formation which is not a cloud in my opinion.

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