The witness writes:

"Date: 3 Nov 2011, approx. 2200 hrs. Location: Banff, Alberta, Canada I'm a serving member of the Canadian Forces, who was recently posted to Canadian Forces Base Edmonton. My wife and I decided we would drive from my old post in Ontario, to my new one in Edmonton; giving us an opportunity to see the country. By Wednesday, 2 Nov 2011 we had arrived in Calgary, Alberta. We weren't scheduled to arrive in Edmonton until 5 Nov 2011, so rather than taking the short drive to Red Deer, and then on to Edmonton we opted to go through Banff and Jasper and take in the sights. We reached the town of Banff at approximately 1130 hrs on 3 Nov 2011. After a day of sight seeing we retired to our hotel, the Best Western, located on Marten St. We checked in at approximately 1700 hrs. We watched TV most of the evening, going out onto the balcony a few times for cigarettes. At approximately 2200 hrs my wife decided to take a shower, and I went out onto the balcony for what was going to be my last cigarette of the night. As I was smoking, I paced up and down the balcony, looking up towards the mountains. Much of my view was obstructed by the neighbouring building, pine trees, and low laying clouds. There was, however, a gap between the trees approximately  3 meters in diameter which offered a fairly clear view of where the mountain was. It was then that I saw an an object, completely round, with an orange-yellow glow descend from the clouds. The object couldn't have been any larger than maybe 5- 10 meters in diameter, had no detail to it, and moved faster than any aircraft I've ever witnessed. As the object reached the mid way point in the gap between the trees, it ascended back into the clouds. This all happened in a split second, and at first I was a little intrigued. But as I slowly realized it resembled nothing that I had ever seen before I became somewhat frightened. I immediately put my cigarette out and ran inside to inform my wife of what I saw."

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