Experiences that do not easily fit into other categories

Written by Albert S Rosales

Location. Rosemont Quebec Canada
Date: July 1965 Time: 22:00

Two young women, Suzanne Lamanne and her friend Lucile were out walking when they heard a peculiar noise resembling that of “roller skates,” when they looked in the direction of the noise they saw the torso of a beautiful smiling man with deep penetrating eyes, both women fell into a five minute trance, when they recovered the figure had apparently vanished. The figure appeared to have been wearing a tight fitting metallic gray outfit.

HC addition # 31
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters quoting Marc Leduc Type: E

Our thanks goes out to researcher Albert S. Rosales. Albert collects reports on UFO and other humanoid sightings from around the globe and may be reached at garuda79@att.net