Experiences that do not easily fit into other categories

Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

"I remember a strange experience I had with my two best friends (now deceased). We were in my mother's new car driving. I was driving, and we were looking to meet girls in Crystal Beach, Ontario in July, 1957. As we found none there, we decided to drive and try our luck in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, which is about a three hour drive away. After only five minutes of driving, a sudden silence occurred in the car. We could no longer hear the car's engine. and we were in a sort of foggy area. It had been a sunny day, and we suddenly ran into a fog that appeared out of nowhere (We were not drinkers and only smoked a few regular cigarettes a day. I no longer smoke.) In an instant, we found ourselves, car and all, in Wasaga Beach, 180 miles away. We looked at each other and said at the same time, "What happened? How did we get here instantly?" We did not get lucky meeting girls that day, and after a few hours, we drove home to our home town of Hamilton, Ontario. We never spoke again of this incident to each other, but I remembered it well and told a few people over the years who were mystified by it. Was this a warp of time and space that we entered? Who knows?"


Our thanks to the witness for sharing this strange experience with us. It is a common occurrence for people to lose track of time while driving, and even become disoriented with their surroundings not realising how far they have actually driven in what seems like a short period of time. However, in a case such as this where all three occupants lost track of time, and the distance covered was so vast it is far less likely this would be the cause, and perhaps a time/space warp of some sort is not out of the realm of possibilities. We will likely never know with 100% certainty.