Nova Scotia

We received the following report in 2010 and includes some local lore. The witness' experience occurred during the summer at approx 3pm.


"Two friends and I went for a hike to a small local waterfall.There was a guy sitting on a rock fishing in this little waterhole. He was wearing a lumberjack checked (red and black) shirt and overhauls. We asked if he was catching anything. He never answered, after questioning him again if he caught anything he just turned his head and seemed to look at us. We noticed that he had two pupils in his eyes. We left quickly, but returned a few minutes later. He was gone. The place is remote and you can't just leave that quickly.
I've lived in the area all my life and people will say that the whole area is haunted.

The area has a history of things happening. People that live here will tell you different stories about the place. People say that ships use to be able to dock in the small pond that is still here. You can't access by the bay now, but that someone came ashore here when the Natives use to live in the area. The ones from the ship raped and killed a native girl. That is only one of many stories.  When I mentioned the man at the waterfall to some people, they said a fisherman had drowned down there. That was all I could find out. They say he is still down there. I have no facts to back up anything though."
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We received the following information in January 2011. Our thanks go out to our reader who kindly shared the following with us:
"The area described in Englishtown Haunting is locally referred to as Spooky Hollow, in what is commonly called Black Head. The area has a few stories, one not really backing the other. However, eerie none the less. I have personally experienced uneasiness in the area while hunting, to the point where I readied (loaded with the hammer back) my shotgun, not the safest of hunting I was trained otherwise. I have never witnessed anything other than the eerie felling. People familiar with the area have been turned around and lost which if you knew the area is odd as all one has to do is to go down hill to be corrected and the local hunters are VERY familiar with the area???The Ponds mentioned are locally called Big and Little Pond, maps refer to them as Big and Little Oyster Pond as I believe there was oyster cultivation at one time. Pollock (a ground fish similar to Cod fish) at one time used to enter the big pond as they are both tidal this is an oddity in its own right and could be caught by fishing rod (I am not sure that this still happens). The falls mentioned I believe is one of a series of 6 or 7 on a brook called Big MacDonald Brook that feeds into Big Pond. There are lots of lore and stories including Faeries, Glooscap, glowing water, ghosts and ghouls which can also be connected to a Sea Cave at Cape Dauphin 5 or so Km North East, known as the Faerie Hole (By Europeans) or Glooscap's Cave by native Mik'Maq.
I believe there were Hanoverian Germans that settled near the area as well as a family called Smith as one of the clearings (grown in now)used to be called Smith's Farm, Orchards can be found on a hill overlooking the pond this is where the Smith Farm clearing was. Most folk will not go down there alone, I have been many times myself, but really do not relish it. I have been to Buckhill in Ontario and liken the feeling to what I experienced there."