"I/my daughter have had at least 4 experiences(two each) within this home/ yard. We no longer live there, but the property is still occupied by family. My daughter has seen a "real" little boy with blonde hair and a long red tee-shirt with bare feet. A few months later she reported to me a 'lady with a white dress' was floating several feet above the ground through our 50-60 ft yard away from the house. "and then she just disappeared, mom!!" My daughter was 8-9 at the time. I have experienced a basketball sized 'ball of pink, feathery,fluffy, self-illuminated light' which I watched shoot up from out of my view at the end of the bed. I was sitting in bed watching t.v. with my newborn asleep next to me. The light shot up on an angle rather quickly about 7 ft in the air and then proceeded to float down VERY slowly and gently (like a fluffy down feather) until it was out of my sight again. I wasn't afraid, it was very peaceful. I think it may have been the spirit of my baby I had lost 18 mths before. Needless to say I looked all over the floor, etc, and there was nothing to be found! My other exp. was similar but SCARY.I woke in the night to a dark house and from my bedroom I could see reflections of brightly colored lights dancing on the hallway wall. I specifically saw red and green, they looked almost as though they were reflections from a snow plough or something from outside kitchen window. I felt a sense of apprehension but decided to 'sneak up' on the kitchen to find the source in action, as I thought of the other three weird exp's that previously happened. I quietly approached the kitchen and then quickly 'jumped' around the corner only to find everything stop INSTANTLY. I saw nothing, all lights were gone, kitchen was dark. I checked for sources when I put the lights on and I couldn't find ANY, even the blinds were closed! I have also had two other experiences at different locations . One was sweet,very sad and left me with physical proof that my lost pet had just died (3 parallel light scratches on my forehead where she placed her paw when saying "goodbye"). Another that was by far my most terrifying . It was mid-afternoon and my sister and I had come home from school to an empty house, when we walked into the kitchen laughing, a chair slid VERY rapidly across about 5-6 ft of floor directly at me. I placed my hands out and stopped the chair from hitting me. my sis and I proceeded to leave the house immediately as we were both traumatized as we saw it together!!! We later agreed that we both felt as though we had been interrupting 'somethings' space/peace with our raucous laughter and it wanted us to LEAVE!"

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