British Columbia

The following report was received in July 2011. Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing these experiences with us. Hopefully others who have experienced or are currently experiencing similar things can take comfort in knowing they are not alone.


"I have had a number or experiences in this house.  We moved in here in 1997.  The house is located in a suburban neighbourhood in Surrey and built in 1972. A few months after moving in I had a strange experience.  I was home with my 10-month old son when I heard an unusual crying sound.  I went to check on my son, but the noise was not coming from him.  The sound was quite loud and moved up the stairs from the basement, through the kitchen, and out the back door to the deck.  Nothing was visible. My cat, however, became afraid of the deck for the next few days. I haven't heard that sound again, but I have heard other sounds.

The scariest is a voice heard coming up through the heat vents.  It sounds like a child.  One time I heard sobbing in the middle of the night but at that time I had tenants in the basement so I could not be sure of the cause, though it certainly didn't sound "normal".

Visually, there have been a couple of incidents.  The first was when I fell asleep on my couch watching TV at night and when I woke up there was smoke in an area of the room.  I thought the house was on fire and was about to wake up everyone, but the smoke soon started to dissolve.  The second incident happened recently, in May.  I had come into the entrance area and was taking off my shoes when I saw what I thought was my daughter start walking down the stairs.  I wanted to ask her the time, as my husband was picking me up for an appointment, so I called her name to ask her.  She didn't answer, so I called again louder.  She would have been standing only a few feet from me, but I could only see this persons feet and legs from where I was positioned. I was annoyed that I received no answer from her and yelled even louder.  I then saw her turn around and head back upstairs.  By this time I was quite annoyed and went to the stairway and called again.  Finally I got an answer - she was in the computer room.  She said she was there the whole time.  I was a bit freaked out, and made her stand on the stairs where I had seen the feet so I could compare.  Her jeans were not the same colour, and the ones I had seen earlier had gold stitching on the seams, while the ones she wore didn't. Since there was no one else in the house, I didn't know what to think!

We have also had doors opening and closing on their own.  Once when I was home alone I thought someone had broken in, as the door to the basement opened and closed on it's own!(Heard but didn't see). This scared me because I was the only one in the house and I debated calling the police. This sound has been heard by more than one person.  There are other things that have happened as well."


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