British Columbia

We received the following report in August 2010:


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"This happened to my husband and I between October 2001 and May 2002. I think it was closer to May, sometime in the spring, but I can't be certain. It was, quite literally, a dark and stormy night, and it happened in the parking lot of the Silvercity Cinema in Coquitlam. We had just gotten out of a movie, and it was a torrential downpour. Vancouver gets tons of rain, especially in the spring, but that night had all the April showers in ten minutes. We were waiting for the heater to warm up, and oddly enough I remember we were parked under a streetlamp, so the interior of the car was decently lit. My husband was at the wheel and I was in the passenger seat.I saw something out of the corner of my eye -- a white-mist "hand", from just past the wrist down. It touched my husband, moving over his shoulder from back to front, traveling about 5 inches in total. When I saw it happening, I my first thought was, "Whatever that is, it *looks* like a hand. Now I wonder what it really is." I turned my head to see, and at that very moment my husband made a full-body cringe, plastering his body against the driver's door, looking over his shoulder and badly shaken.My husband has anxiety issues, and I didn't want to upset him. Without giving away anything, I asked him curiously if he had felt a chill. It took him extra moments to recover, and he finally said, "That was no chill." He started the car right away and we headed home.I felt someone in the backseat during those seconds, even though all I saw was the hand. The "information" I sensed was it was a middle-aged woman, maybe between 40 and 65, but I suspect somewhere in her early 50's. She didn't want to scare us, but she wanted my husband's attention and I had the distinct feeling she was lost and very confused. Over the years I've sorted through the random impressions I received at that time, and I think she believed my husband was someone she knew. Riverview Hospital, the local mental-health institution here, is a little ways away from Silvercity, and I have often wondered if the spirit came from there and got lost. I also have considered (again, based on impressions) that she had some dementia.It took years before I could discuss this with my husband. When I did, he got so upset at what I saw he begged me to say I was kidding. I did what he asked, to set his mind at ease, but a few years later he found out my truth from another source. After he calmed down (the incident was unusually troubling even after so much time had passed) he gave me his version. He felt the hand, like the coldest ice, as it moved over his shoulder. It was such a powerful experience he still shivers a bit at the memory. I'm very curious to know if anyone else has a similar experience."


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