British Columbia

The witness writes:

"I had been working in a residential home as a life skills worker for a couple of years including some overnights. One evening about an hour or so, after I had given the residents their medication and saw them to bed I was watching television when I caught a glimpse of what looked like one of the residents dressed with a hat, scarf and winter coat walking from the kitchen through the dining area. I immediately went to check after her but at the same time was filled with awareness, dread and shock as I prayed that this was not what I feared it was. The clients were indeed in bed and there was absolutely no possibility that this being was anything else but supernatural. I waited by the front door (with the door open) for the evening staff to arrive. When she did finally arrive I had asked her if she had ever seen anything unusual in the hose. She was not surprised and just asked me ‘Where did you see it?" as if she knew there was something in the house. I told her, and she said. "They are everywhere". I found out later that many of the staff had seen not only this apparition but others. One person had even been physically awaken and slapped in her face. I do not work there any longer. I phoned my grown sons and had one of them stay on the phone with me all the way home. (The drive is about 1 hour). That night I had a horrible night and awoke soaking wet. In the morning, I had to see a doctor because I could not turn my neck without turning my entire torso. Needless to say, I no longer accept shifts at this house. From what I have heard from other staff the spirits or whatever they are seem to assume the physical appearance of the residents."

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