British Columbia

We received the following report in November 2009, however the events described occurred in the 1970's

"I was fifteen years old, and visiting my family's ranch in the summer. My family was asleep, except me- I was reading  a book by candle-light as there was no electricity at the ranch except by generator which was turned off. The room became hazy and I was frozen to the bed, lying on my back. I heard footsteps in the hall walk to the foot of my bed. I couldn't turn my head or sit up, but through the haze I saw a figure of a tall man. He walked to the foot of my bed and sat down. I could feel pressure against my left leg where he sat. He got up and walked away. I was then able to move and got up and woke my father up. He teased me for years after about the ghost- and for years after I was leary of being left alone at the ranch. Noone else has seen the ghost and I haven't seen him since that time. The old farmhouse that this incident occurred in no longer exists."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us, and our readers. We appreciate it, and hopefully this will bring some comfort to others who may be experiencing something similar in the knowledge that they are not alone.  If you have experienced something you think may be paranormal in British Columbia or elsewhere in Canada please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.