British Columbia

"My family and I had moved into a House in Prince George. My father had bought it from an estate sale. The 3 years we had lived there were not the best years.

I was 17 at the time and had two older brothers. My One brother had awoken one night and seen a lady sitting on the corner of his bed, he thought for a second it was me trying to scare me so he kicked out and when his foot did not make contact with anything solid,he turned the light on and he seen the lady disappear in front of him. I myself had come home late one night with friends and were standing in the living room and we heard someone race up the stairs and slide across the plastic runner to the kitchen.My dog jumped and barked .We all ran outside and stood on the front lawn .Because of previous experiences like this in the house we had a feeling it was another paranormal experience. We walked around the back of the house and peered in the window.

We saw an smaller older man standing against the wall with his cane over his head.We could see through him and we were all describing what we saw,down to the detail of his plaid hunters cap he wore on his head.This is just one of the most significant experiences i have had in the house. This house seems to go up for sell a lot.

I was not educated at all about paranormal activity while living in the house.I knew what i saw. Now 20 years later My friend and i have teamed up to help other people validate their experiences, through learning and reading about paranormal I am finally at ease."

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