Turtle Lake is located in south western Saskatchewan and reportedly is the home of a monster dubbed the Turtle Lake Terror. Reports of this creature include how it tears huge holes in the nets of local fisherman particularly throughout the winter months. In the summer it has been seen by both boaters, and swimmers.  The creature is described by witnesses as being "huge." It reportedly has three humps,a very long neck,and a horse-like head. Other witnesses have described the creature's head as dog shaped or even looking like a pig.

The earliest reports of a creature within the lake date back to the 1920s, but possibly could go back much farther. The Canadian press ran a story about this creature in 1979, and it was published by the Niagara Falls Review on January 31st of that year.  Some researchers have explained away the sightings as that of a giant sturgeon.

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John Robert Columbo - Mysterious Canada

Niagara Falls Review on January 31st, 1979