Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

KELOWNA, B.C. — Kelowna’s famed Ogopogo might soon have nowhere left to hide.

‘‘Monster Quest,’’ a television program that airs on the History Channel and examines monster sightings around the world, will begin searching for the Okanagan Lake creature next week.

Kelowna resident Arlene Gaal, who has written three books on the Ogopogo, has been hired by the History Channel as a project consultant.

She said the search will utilize aerial photography, divers, a remote-controlled underwater camera and thermal imaging.

‘‘Thermal imaging can sense a heat source below the surface,’’ Gaal said. ‘‘It’s never been utilized in Okanagan Lake.’’

The Monster Quest crew will not be the first to attempt to capture the creature on film. A Japanese television network sent camera crews to Kelowna in 1990 and again in 1992, to no avail.

The first video footage alleged to be of the Ogopogo is believed to have been shot in 1968 by local resident Art Folden.

Gaal said the Monster Quest program will include several witnesses who claim they have seen the creature in the lake recently, including one man who took 24 pictures of ‘‘something out in the water’’ from his balcony earlier this year.

The search is expected to last until Nov. 9.


Originally published as "Film crew sets its sights on Ogopogo" by The Portage Daily Graphic on October 21st 2008

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