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Our friend and respected colleague Bobbie Atristain discusses her years of paranormal research in Virginia and surrounding states in Haunted People, Haunted Minds. This book contains real life accounts of the paranormal.


One of the pleasures of reading this book is the author's own style of writing, which can been sampled throughout the CPRI website in the numerous articles, editorials, and reports to be found there. The book has a fascinating subject matter, but reads with the ease of a relaxed conversation, which is something I personally enjoy. There is nothing pretentious about this book.

Another thing that sets this book a part from the plethora of mass produced, hastily slapped together books that only focus on locations is that it serves as a strong reminder that these are very human experiences, and that it is the witness, and/or experiencer of the paranormal that is possibly the single most important aspect to these encounters if our hopes of ever truly understanding these types of experiences is to ever be realised.


Haunted People Haunted Minds

"Haunted People, Haunted Minds is a foray into the paranormal. Throughout my years of research with CPRI I’ve discovered that people are more haunted than places. It is very rare to find a place that is haunted by itself. Generally houses or places become active after certain "haunted" people begin to inhabit them.

During the course of 2004 I conducted a survey of "haunted people." About 100 people responded to the questionnaire that asked such questions as to how old they were when they had their first paranormal experience and if they had also had UFO experiences in addition to ghosts phenomena. I found that nearly all of the respondents had childhood paranormal experiences. However only a small percentage had different types of paranormal experiences such as alien abduction or seeing angels.


There were also a disproportionate number of females who felt they were haunted, females responding the survey were 4 to 1. As for questions regarding childhood sexual abuse and trauma the number was at about 25% had experienced those things during childhood. My research in regards to Haunted People will continue because I find it to be a most fascinating topic."



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Bobbie and her husband Rick reside in Nottoway County, VA. She is a researcher and writer for the print edition of Ghost! Magazine, The UK's Mystery Mag, T.A.P.S. Para Magazine and has even written article for FATE magazine. In early 2005 she was awarded an honorary certificate in Parapsychology from the Southeastern Institute of Parapsychology for her research into the paranormal. She is also a member of the International High I.Q. Society. She earns her keep as an Information Systems Applications Engineer for a local university.


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Bobbie Atristain
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