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Have you encountered a ghost or have you experienced a haunting in Nova Scotia? If so we would appreciate it if you told us about it.


If you wish to report a sighting or experience with a ghost or haunting... or something you feel is "ghost" related, please click here and a window will open with a form for you to fill out.


Your information will be kept strictly confidential (only seen by yourself and PSICAN investigators) and never published without direct consent.



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# Article Title Author
1 Andy Smith's Halifax Ghost Walk Chris Laursen
2 Wolfville Haunted Theatre PSICAN Group
3 Five Fishermen Restaurant Halifax PSICAN Group
4 Maritime Museum of the Atlantic PSICAN Group
5 Shirreff Hall PSICAN Group
6 Devils Island Halifax Harbour PSICAN Group
7 Chebucto Head Lighthouse PSICAN Group
8 Oak Island Mahone Bay PSICAN Group
9 The Uniacke Estate PSICAN Group
10 The Fortress of Louisbourg PSICAN Group
11 Seminary House PSICAN Group
12 Haliburton House PSICAN Group
13 Alexander Keith's Brewery PSICAN Group
14 St. Paul's Anglican Church PSICAN Group
15 Black Rock Beach PSICAN Group
16 Old Halifax Courthouse PSICAN Group
17 Haunted Terrence Bay Road PSICAN Group
18 Antigonish Ghost Lake PSICAN Group
19 Citadel Hill PSICAN Group
20 The Halifax Armoury PSICAN Group
21 Ghostly Glow In Halifax Cemetery PSICAN Group
22 Black Phantom Dog In Lower Burlington PSICAN Group
23 A Bedford Haunting PSICAN Group
24 Some Englishtown Hauntings PSICAN Group
25 Ross Thompson House PSICAN Group
26 Spirit Of A Beloved Son PSICAN Group
27 The Waverley Inn PSICAN Group
28 Caledonia Mills Fire Spook PSICAN Group
29 South Halifax Haunting PSICAN Group
30 Digby Ghost Report PSICAN Group
31 A Family Haunting PSICAN Group
32 Dartmouth General Hospital PSICAN Group
33 New Glasgow Smoking Apparition PSICAN Group
34 Dartmouth Commons PSICAN Group
35 Chocolate Lake Hotel PSICAN Group
36 Carriage House Haunting Darmouth PSICAN Group
37 Campfire Apparitions PSICAN Group
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