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According to some, Devils Island is the location of one of metro's most famous legends.
... many years ago one of the residents [of Devils Island], old Casper Henneberry, invited some friends for a party on the island. During the festivities, Henneberry went outside for a few moments then came back looking white and shaken. He told his friends that his time was up; he'd seen the Devil "in the form of a halibut." The next day he was rowing back to the island from Halifax. He was found drowned, his head and shoulders hanging over the side of the boat. Another version of his strange death has it that there were signs of a fight or scuffle on the beach, and that one of the people involved had "cloven hooves," judging by the prints in the sand.


A second story about Devils Island concerns another of her residents.
... Charles MacDonald , the lightkeeper from 1956 to 1967, awoke one night in his house on the island to find the ghost of his late grandmother standing by his bed. The spectre reached out and seized him by his arms and started pulling. MacDonald, who had a wooden leg, said he put out his good leg to brace himself against this apparition, but his limb went right through her.
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